Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Look at this!

Tonight I stumbled upon the work of Carol Hummel, and man, is it cool!

Here's a tree cozy:
This one is in Ohio, but Hummel has also done one in India and some palms Florida.

She also crocheted these huge doilies (she calls them "cells", and they're between one and three feet in diameter) in the salt flats/Wendover as a statement about (wo)man's intrusion on nature, comfort vs. confinement, etc. Some of them look so natural, like they could be part of the landscape. Some are beautiful in how much they stick out. At Silver Island Mountain:

At an abandoned barracks at the Wendover Airforce Base:

At some wooden pallets left on the salt flats:

At an oil drum:

And here's one just in the middle of the salt flats:

Cool stuff, huh?

Oh yeah, and she also put underwear on trees!


  1. I think all trees should start wearing underwear - it's indecent of them to show their cracks and crevices.....

  2. they do some street knitting in NZ too, where groups of knitters knit around trees like that.