Monday, September 28, 2009

Double gray

Of my hobbies, my very favorite is card and board games. I learned how to play Phase 10 when I was five. I remember family vacations to California where we played Rack-o on the porch; a reunion where I was asked to go play somewhere else because my six-year-old self, trying to impress the adults with how well I knew the game, kept giving away the hands of the parents around the table ("it's okay that you're skipped, dad, because on your next turn you can go out!" "Oh! Aunt Carolee, you got a wild!"); and standing up excitedly for my elaborate tile-switching in Rummikub.

Luke and I play one or two games of Phase 10 every day. In the course of our two year relationship, we have gone through similar phases with Skip-Bo, Battleship (though that was short-lived), and Guess Who. And now I'm introducing him to Dominoes.

The box came with a bunch of different ways to play, but the only way I've ever played was Mexican Train, because that's the only way my grandparents ever play. With only two people playing, the train doesn't get as elaborate, but it's still fun to see what it looks like by the end of the round:

Guess who won the first game?

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