Thursday, September 17, 2009


I've been getting at least one of these zebra tomatoes a day:
They're heirlooms, so I'm going to save some seeds and plant them again next year (but I'll have to get those six foot tall tomato cages, because these plants are tall enough to fold over and touch the ground).

They're a smaller tomato, a nice size for lunch for one person. Mostly we've been slicing them up, heating them through, and eating them on toast. Luke also experimented with a recipe he made up called "green spaghetti," which had the zebra tomatoes, green peppers, parmesan, and interestingly enough, green apples. It was sour and very yummy, and I liked it just as it was. Luke says he needs to perfect it.

We're still waiting for the prettiest ones, the red ruffles to get ripe. They're still green and hard as rocks.

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