Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Split Pea

Living in a tiny duplex apartment has its drawbacks (like not being able to have a bedframe for our huge bed because it makes us unable to open/close the bedroom door), but one big advantage is that a single piece of furniture has a huge impact on the whole look of the house.

Last week I took out the table, an ugly card table never used for eating, but for piling with mail and homework and sewing scraps. In its place, we decided we needed a china hutch, because our tiny duplex apartment doesn't have much cupboard space for all the dishes I buy from thrift stores. We bought the hutch for $20 from D.I. (my favorite thrift store), but decided it was too kitzchy even for us:

So we repainted it with a bright white and a color that matches very well with the rest of our house, split pea. I don't know why, but I really like that my house is decorated in a color called "split pea."

I love it. It looks good and makes our the awkwardly small space between our kitchen and our living room look much more complete. Now we're painting the bedside tables in our bedroom to match. Maybe with some split pea-colored cutains in the living room, our house will be done for a while.

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