Monday, March 15, 2010

Now I just need to make bagels.

There are two foods, both easy, that I always want to make but never get around to: granola and bagels. It's been at least a year that I've been telling Luke that "one of these days we need to make bagels/granola," and he tells me, "you've been saying that for forever."

Well, today we finally made granola. We went with a vanilla granola with dried apple and strawberry bits. It's good, but we now have ideas of what we want to change for next time- bigger oats, walnuts, more of the honey/oil/sugar mixure, so it's a little more clumpy.

After dinner, we made parfaits with strawberries, greek yogurt (with a little honey mixed in), and granola, still warm from the oven. Very yummy. Also good is that our house now smells wonderful, and there's plenty left over for breakfasts and snacks.

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