Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I've got my eye on a cookbook that's being given away at Fab Frugal Food, a site I check multiple times a week for good recipe ideas (check out this week's Meatless Monday recipe, a black bean soup with coconut and cilantro). It's a whole cookbook of delicious-looking (and tasting, I'm sure) quesadillas.

Wishing and begging for this book has made me realize that almost as much as cooking, I love reading cookbooks. I've discovered I'm quite good at reading a recipe and knowing if I'll like it, or what I could changed to make it better- a skill I like to think I got from my grandma, who used to pour over recipe books (though she was a crappy cook. Everything bland and everything overcooked. I guess all the cookbook-reading didn't do her a lot of good).

At the thrift store, I've found some good ones for just a dollar or two- a Better Homes and Gardens vegetarian cookbook, a book of muffins and quick breads, and a Thai cookbook that shows not only how to make traditional Thai meals, but also home-made curry pastes and flowers out of carrots and chilis.

The Bon Appetit 30-Minute Main Courses book almost has more pages marked for me to try than pages that are unmarked.

And in my little collection of cookbooks is a book I have not yet used, but love for it's looks: Fannie Farmer Junior Cook Book, published in 1942 and inscribed "To Meg from Grandma," containing directions for everything from toast to layer cakes to Susie Salad:

and besides that, red-edged pages with cute little pictures at the beginning of every section:


  1. I laughed out loud when I saw those sticky notes on the pages of your cookbooks! I do exactly the same thing!!!


  2. I found your blog from facebook and it's great to see that you have creative interests outside law school. You are your mother's daughter! I love reading cookbooks too, but since I'm away from most of mine when I'm in Lagos, I've turned to the internet to get my new recipe fix. I thought I'd share with you my favorite websites (I added Fab Frugal to my favorites). I've really liked every recipe I've tried from these sites, but I most love looking at their photography of the process: and Happy cooking!

  3. Hi Aunt Carolee! I love the internet for searching for recipes- is one of my most-used websites.

    I love smitten kitchen! She makes cooking even more artful. She has a tutorial on making the perfect pie crust that helps so much. I'm also excited to try making my own marshmallows.

    Thanks for directing me to the pioneer woman. It'll be fun to explore her site!