Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Keeping it real cheap.

Luke and I have been challenging ourselves to eat well on $35/week. Between the two of us, that's about 31 meals; $1.13/meal per person. Without eating a lot of boxed/prepared foods (Ramen, frozen burritos, mac & cheese), it's hard. Hard, but satisfying. One thing that's helped is having a freezer chock full of nettles, stone fruit, soup, berries, stock, pesto, and homemade dough.

Another thing that helps is that I love preparing menus (on little scraps of paper left around the house. I'm my mother's daughter), and find huge satisfaction in being able to have gnocci, kebabs, curry (and soda), etc. and spending only thirty dollars. Tonight we tried a recipe from Everyday Food: grilled pizzas. The magazine had delicious-looking toppings of grilled asparagus and ricotta; or fontina, fennel and onion. We kept it cheap with peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and a little sausage.

The whole meals cost us less than four dollars, and was delicious. If you like thin crust pizza, you'd like this. The dough recipe is here.


  1. Another thing that helps is ringing up the red and yellow peppers as green peppers. We got them!

  2. Yeah, that is something that helps. And all tomatoes are roma tomatoes!

  3. That is an an impressive frugality. I don't know if marissa and I could manage that. Don't you guys qualify for food stamps? I am a huge advocate of food stamps.

  4. We don't qualify for foodstamps! We don't need them now, but last summer we were barely getting by and I tried to sign up for them, and they said we made too much. I figured it out, and in order to qualify (because I was in school full time), but of us would have to be working and making less than minimum wage. It's a system that works for a lot of people, but not for us.