Monday, August 2, 2010

Wild Plums

My BFF Whitney picked me a big bag of wild plums from one of the houses where she dogsits. Last night I made jam. Deciding I wanted this jam to be thicker than usual, I boiled it a long time, forgetting how much pectin plums have-- turns out, I have a plum jelly with clumps of fruit. Still, a good flavor.

I had Lukey watercolor little plums for labels, because as easy at it seems, I couldn't draw plums that looked like plums (if we every make an apple jelly, though, I'm ready! I could also probably handle a banana, too. Too bad those aren't good for preserving). I liked the tags so much I made him do one for the plum chutney we're giving to my grandparents when we see them next week. Isn't it the cutest?


  1. I want some wild plums - or a BFF like Whitney!

    Beautiful jelly! Don't you just love summer?


  2. Next time I have a bunch of apricots for you!

  3. Thanks Donna and Heather.

    Whitney, do you liked canned apricots? I'll give you some if you give me the fruit.

  4. Um, how much of this plum jam did you make?