Thursday, September 30, 2010

Suddenly aware of how dumpy my hands are.

Knitting is one of those crafts/hobbies that I've been meaning to get into for years, but never did (like linoleum block stamp making). Until this week! After a slight hiccup (realizing that I'd somehow doubled the number of stitches on my hooks, making what looked like teacup cozy), and having to restart, last night I finished my first knitting project- these simple fingerless gloves:

Look! Two! One for each hand!

So now I'm ready for this indian summer to be over, so I can sport these babies (though it's technically not an indian summer yet, right? Since there hasn't been a hard frost? I don't know. I'm just ready for sweater weather).


  1. They're cute! And amen on ready for sweaters! Won't it be nice?

  2. Unless both gloves are in one picture, how do I know that you didn't just switch the one glove from one hand to the other?! [Just kidding. They look great!]

    I'm ready for sweater weather, too. The first week of Fall and we had 93 degree weather. I'm so over that. Luckily it's getting cooler with these tropical rains...but still not sweater weather. :( I want to wear scarfs again.

    I like your hands.

  3. Thanks, Amy!

    Heather, I really did just switch one glove from one hand to the other! But I DID make two that are the same.

    Our weather was in the upper eighties and lower nineties, too. It's hell when you just want to be wearing scarves and sweaters and watching movies snuggled in blankets, but it's still take-off-your-pants-right-when-you-get-in-the-house weather (I can admit to that because Eagan said he was the same way (who are we kidding? I'd admit to it anyway)).

  4. Haha! That's great. I guess I know you better than I thought. ;)

    I realized I wrote "scarfs". I never say/write "scarfs" -- I prefer "scarves" to "scarfs". How peculiar.

    See, I don't experience "take-off-your-pants-right-when-you-get-in-the-house weather". That behavior is not predicated by the weather. I just do it all the time. If I'm home, and I don't have guests over and I'm not going anywhere in the near future, I get out of my "formal" clothes and get right into lounging-around-the-house clothes (which involve soccer shorts if it's warm and pajama pants if it's cold). Eagan jokes that he's amazed at how quickly I can change. Like we walk into the house, he puts his keys up, he turns around and I'm already in pajamas. Eagan and I jokingly call it "getting out of those itchy old street clothes." There's no reason for me to be in street clothes in my own house!!
    When it's super hot out, like you described, there's nothing better than getting home and peeling off your bra from your sweaty body. That's pretty much the best way to describe it. knitted glove(s) you got there. Keep up the good work.

  5. I just asked Luke to confirm or deny my suspicion that he sees me without pants as often as he sees me with pants. He first agreed, and then said that depending on the time of year, he may actually sees me more without pants (from May-October. From November-April I change into sweatpants as soon as we walk in the door).