Saturday, October 30, 2010

Little Boxes Made of Ticky-Tacky

I just love these human landscapes in southwestern Florida (found here):

This one's my favorite- it reminds me of dandelion seeds blowing away:

I'm glad I live in a world where Google Earth exists. Have you ever used Global Genie? I like to spend a couple minutes every day looking at the streets of places I'll probably never get to go.


  1. The last picture (the dandelion seeds one) was my favorite, too! When I put that photo series on my google reader shared items, I had the hardest time deciding on one picture for the cover. All the pictures were so good. I love all the lines.

  2. I don't know what google reader is. Can I see your shared items?

  3. Cool. I figured it out. Now I have to start subscribing to you so I can see what you're posting (right now I just have you in my blogroll, and I'm not officially 'following' you).

  4. (though for someone who lives a thousand miles away from you, I feel like I stay pretty connected to what's going on in your life- 'following' or not).

  5. Google reader is like a blog roll, essentially. It's an aggregator, RSS feed reader, whatever you want to call it. I use that to follow blogs or RSS feeds. You add a link to your subscription list, and then it follows that link for you. Whenever there's an update(s), it appears on your reader and is bolded. For example, I have your blog on there. If you've updated twice since I checked my google reader, it will show me : Getty Crafty (2).

    I like Google Reader because it allows me to check all the blogs I follow in one place (I just need to log in to It posts all the entries (in full) on your google reader, though sometimes I like to click on the entry in my reader and actually go the blog (the original source), because then you can get the right formatting and see their background and all that.

    One of the things you can do on google reader is "share" and "like" items you come across. I have a "shared items", which you can access a couple of ways. First, you could subscribe to it in google reader if you want (by putting in the web address of my shared links page). Alternatively, you can follow me on google reader. This allows you to see my shared items on your google reader, and it will appear in bold when I've updated something in my shared items. If you're following me, you're allowed to comment on my shared items (and if I follow you, I can see when you've updated shared items and comment as well). Third, if you don't want to get a google reader, I have a link to my shared items on my personal blog. If you go to my blog, in the right corner I have that box where I list things I'm watching, listening to, reading...and up at the top it says "Things I find interesting: My Shared Items." So there's a couple of ways you could access my shared items. But I do recommend google reader, I love it.

    Also, I'm glad you're connected to what's going on in my life. And I feel pretty connected to what's going on in your life, too. It does help make the distance seem smaller...

  6. I first thought they were those microchip thingies. On closer inspection - wow. Pretty awesome.