Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winter Laze

I've been getting ready for winter with more vigor than ever before- getting the garden ready, planting bulbs, and de-junking everything (because who wants to spend time inside with all this junk?). You'd think that with this getting-ready-to-hibernate mentality I'd be all about cooking. But I'm not. And thankfully, neither is Luke. For the most part, we're ignoring the fabulous, elaborate meals we have planned, and are instead making things that are quick and easy. For example:

The decadent carmelized onion and gouda quesadilla from Donna's cookbook (I won it for the Cinco De Mayo giveaway at Fab Frugal Food, and it has not disappointed),

Thai spring rolls with chicken, cilantro, plum sauce we canned a while back, and kiwi

How do you get a nice picture of something wrapped in opaque rice paper? Maybe you can. I can't.

and mushroom and onion turnovers (just saute the filling, fold it in puff pastry, then bake at 450 for about twenty minutes),

Luckily, quick and easy food can be just as delicious as a more elaborate meal. And now I've got some good meals planned for when I'm really in the mood to cook again.


  1. We'll you come over and make me that last one right now? I've only eaten three dinners that Scott has made me and I don't think he wants to make me a fourth, but I'm too sick to make my own.

  2. Did you end up getting a good dinner? It's about time we all have dinner together again. Maybe we can figure out a time next week when you're not too busy with school?

  3. Congratulations on your book win. Even brilliant that you've actually made some recipes from it. I am all for quick and easy meals, as long as they are tasty too. the mushroom turnovers actually look like they would be good for a working lunch too.

  4. Yeah, we actually decided this recipe felt more like lunch food than dinner, because of the mellow flavors (in the future, we'll use a spicier flavor for supper). I think they'd reheat well or be good cold, too.