Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I'm going to go ahead and name this the best Easter I've ever had. Luke and I have decided that Easter is the holiday we do together at home, rather than spending it at one of our family's houses. Last year was our first one, and this year we outdid ourselves. We planned a lovely meal of:

salmon with a mustard herb sauce,

red potatoes with bacon, blue cheese, and green onions,
and roasted balsamic asparagus with poached eggs.

After lunch we went to a AAA baseball game.  I love baseball, and this was a good game- the Bees beat Tacoma 10-5.

And now we're ending our night with a pizza party and You've Got Mail. A perfect Easter. Hope yours was, too.

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  1. :D That does look like a perfect holiday - I like the idea of reserving one holiday that is simply ours. I think I'm gonna steal that.