Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Luke and I moved a couple miles north, to an apartment where my friend Barbara used to live. It's big and bright, and surrounded by rose bushes. I'm excited to have an apartment where I can do some home remedy projects to make it look more like ours. I'll be posting before and after photos as I get stuff done around here. Right now the only room that is pretty much done is the kitchen, and with it's shockingly-yellow walls, it's my favorite room in the house:

It reminds me of a kitchen an old Mexican lady would have.

Look at that! Built-in cutting board counter, a feature I love.
Plus, there are nice shelves where for all my tea stuff.

 And Luke doesn't mind when I announce things like "In our new house, we arrange dishes by color!"
Aside from the kitchen, I hope this place starts looking different this summer. (So that you know what to totally look forward to and so that I have a list that isn't on a scrap of paper that will sit in the bottom of my purse for a while until I lose it) In the next couple months I plan to:
- Find some cheap lamps, make them look like they weren't cheap.
- Paint the bedroom (did you know paint costs, like, thirty dollars a gallon?! I had no idea! Yikes!)
- Paint the entryway
- Make an end table for the livingroom 
- Make a bench for the entryway (install some hooks?)
- Sand and refinish the patio
- Make rose petal jelly (as if we need any more jams or jellies. But I can't help myself).
- Make a headboard for our bed.
- Make a bedside table for Luke


  1. Oooh I love your kitchen! The yellow is great.

    I'm looking forward to this series/seeing your progress!

  2. Cute kitchen! And I love those green dishes.

  3. YELLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to paint everything I own! Also, I'm glad I found your blog :)

  4. Hey, girl! Just checking in on ya to see what you've been up to lately. Looks like you haven't updated in awhile, but I totally wanna see some home-improvement projects, so get to it! :) Love the yellow in the kitchen! Looks like it would be absolutely impossible to be depressed in that room, ha ha.