Saturday, February 7, 2009

Getting 'lade

This week I made marmalade! The first batches- one of lovely orange ginger and another of lime ginger- didn't work out (didn't gel) so I had to try a second time. After the first failure (and ten pints of sweet syrupy goo) I looked online for tips, and I think what made the difference the second time around is that I made sure to only have two inches of the fruit mixture boiling in the pan. That's the only thing I can guess, anyway. I made five pints of marmalade (a small batch in case it didn't work out). Two are plain lime, and three are lime ginger.

I also made two pints of candied ginger limes (the first two jars in the picture), which can be used in tea. I'm going to try again with the orange ginger, because I think that sounds so pleasant.

Last night Luke and I made a delicious dinner of shish kabobs. I think it was the first time I've ever cut up steak in my life. It grossed me out, but was worth it. We also had a bleu cheese, walnut, mushroom, and craisin salad. I spent forty minutes perusing the isles of the wine store, looking for a wine I'd never tried before to go with dinner. I went with this Syrah, which turned out to be so gross that I couldn't even finish the glass. Next time I'll stick with my old reliable Australian Pinot Grigio.

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