Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sans rolling pin

Last week I made my first quiche. It was a filled with spinach, mushrooms, and swiss, and tasted very good. It was my first time making a pie crust from scratch, though, which didn't work out exactly well because it was too thick. I guess I should invest in a rolling pin, because the beer can doesn't seem to be cutting it. Drew suggested that in the future all crusts be made of cookie dough.

I also made another batch of marmalade. Three pints lime, two ginger lime, and four blackberry lime (which I'm most excited about). The blackberry lime has a lovely flavor and an even more lovely color. One thing that's disappointing me, though, is that all of the lime rinds didn't get that chewy/gummy texture that they usually do. Gotta find out how to fix that for future batches (though it should be a while, since Luke and I already have more jam than two people could eat in a couple years).

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