Monday, September 20, 2010


Drew and Len invited me and Luke, along with Lyndsey and her brother Nick, over to their house for a potluck. It was, by far, the best potluck I've ever been to. All the foods went together well, everything was beautifully presented, and everything was delicious. Luke brought fried mushrooms (he loves making fried food, and he's really good at it) and I brought Portabella mushrooms stuffed with artichoke lemon pesto, tomatoes, bell peppers, and pine nuts:

Lyndsey and Nick brought 'pizzas' made of naan with mozarella and grilled peppers:

And Len and Drew made baked ravioli smothered in tomato, mozarella, and basil:



  1. Way better than any potluck I've ever been to. You guys are cool.

  2. PS Cervix cervix cervix. We should hang out sometime. :)