Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dust in the Wind Beneath My Wings

A recent hobby of mine is going to a local pub (Piper Down, an Irish-themed pub) every Wednesday night for quiz night. The trivia is done by a group called Geeks Who Drink, and there are 'chapters' all over- Colorado, Washington Virginia, etc. etc. It's just about the most fun I have in any given week, even on weeks when we can't for the life of us remember the name of that "Dance Hall Days" song; or don't figure out that the secret theme to the round is horses, so all the answers to seemingly unrelated questions are also kinds of horses (quarter, morgan, painter, appaloosa). I live for times like the first, where one of the rounds was about various kinds of couches, and I discover a secret well of information on the topic (who knew?), or the science round when I remembered things like adenine as a nucleobase or and flourine as a halogen. I sit there stupidly while Whitney and Scott cover all the movie questions, and Luke covers most of the science, politics, and current event questions. The four of us make up our team: The Young Republicans.

The Young Republicans, minus Scott. As usual, Luke looks like he's drunk in this picture (though he hadn't had a drop of alcohol). And who am I married to, anyway? Whitney and I are looking pretty gay here.

We're pretty good- always placing in the upper half of teams who play (ummm.. except this week). The first week we went, we did the best we've ever done (sixth place). Tonight, our most recent quiz night, we did our worst: last place. We did epically bad. As a consolation prize, we're now the proud (?) owners of this baby:

It's inflatable and more than two feet tall.

which will stay inflated at least for a week or two, as reminder of when we were the least geeky geeks in the whole place (in a bad way). I don't think prizes are normally given to last place, we just did that bad. Still though, with three dollars for a stein of beer, and two and half hours of fun, I'm not too discouraged.

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  1. You losing a quiz night makes me laugh hysterically. Seriously. Because if there's anything I'd bet you'd NEVER lose it would be something like that.