Saturday, December 26, 2009

Poor Man's Christmas

One thing about being totally broke is that you've got to be creative with the Christmas gifts you give (because I think two years in a row is the most you can go without giving presents to your best friends, and I'd already used those up).

One that I had a hard time giving away was a little wallet that I made for my husband Luke. It was on an oatmeal muslin (the lady cutting at the fabric store kept calling it 'muslim'), and embroidered with a simple little fern and fiddlehead:

For my sister-in-law, Jenny, I made an apron with a frilly ruffle:

For Eber, a satchel; for Drew a kelly green wallet with embroidered feather; and for Whitney a vegetarian cook book, and recipe box with twenty or so of my favorite recipes.

Oh, and for Ariel, the weird moon shoes she gave me last year:


  1. I had no idea that moon shoes turned little girls into satanic demons. Just kidding, I knew they were evil the minute LittleScott realized he was too fat for moonshoes. Bit as least I wasn't too fat for SkipIt! Now I'm too fat for skipping in general so that's out of the question. Lord, where does the time go?

  2. Skipit's were so fun! I think they were the one activity that I could do without tripping or otherwise hurting myself, so I liked them a lot.

    The good news about the moon shoes, though, is that you can add more rubber bands to support more weight. I had the maximum amount of rubber bands, and so could bounce to my heart's content: all day on Christmas last year when I got them, and all day on Christmas this year before I gave them away.