Monday, June 7, 2010

Garden Party

May was a slow blog-posting month. Between graduation, a sister-in-law's out-of-town wedding, and spending most of most of my time studying for the Utah bar exam, I haven't been spending too much time on hobbies. But I'm back!

My birthday was at the end of May, and I planned a late-night garden party for myself. There was a three gallon recycled glass cooler (like this one) with limeade and all the mix-ins for cocktails (mint, basil, strawberries, tequila, vodka). Rather than a full meal, I served bread, flat bread, crackers and dips: hummus; sundried tomato and pineapple (I tried to replicate the one from Paradise Bakery, and think that besides being a smoother texture, it was a pretty good match. It seemed to be the favorite of the night); sweet onion (my favorite); Coriander-Chile Pinto Bean; and a tomato basil butter. Ash brought a delicious bruschetta.

For decoration, Drew and I put blankets on the grass surrounded by candles in mason jars. I used some of my vintage fabrics to make some fabric banners, one which hung between a tree and garage, and one that we draped around the table.

It was a little early for the garden to be far along, but I did have a couple pots filled with snap dragons, dahlias, and celosia. I also had jupiter's beard and daisies in a bud vase Whitney found at an antique store and gave me for my birthday.

So everything was beautiful, and just as I'd planned it.... And then it was too cold to enjoy. After ignoring everyone's shivers for an hour, we moved the party inside, where (despite not being as pretty), we warmed up and had a good time.

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