Wednesday, June 9, 2010

quaking aspen

My best gal pal, Whitney, started an etsy shop where she has a lot of itty bitty cross stitches for sale: Adam and Steve, an old couple, some french sailors with their cat, and some non-gay-themed ones, like this mushroom that I love:

She's going to let me join her in her little shop, and we'll have some of my embroidery (framed and as brooches) and some cross stitch/embroidery collaborations.

This little quaking aspen embroidery (photo taken at a weird angle to avoid most of the glare) was supposed to be included, but once I was finished, I couldn't give it up. After having it for a couple weeks I felt like I was ready to sell it, but now Luke's become attached. I guess I'll just have to make another.

The branches an outline of the tree were done in couching. It's a simple stitch, but it uses two needles, so the whole time I was doing it I kept thinking of it as "Extreme Embroidery!!!!"

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