Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sundays at home

Luke and I spend one Sunday a month at each of our parents' houses. The other two Sundays are for us to relax at home and spend time together. We decided that we want to start making big breakfasts together on the Sundays at home, a 'tradition' we'd like to continue when we have kids, too. This week, the first week, we made tomato/spinach/bell pepper omelettes, toast, and the strawberry basil lemonade.

Isn't our new table cute? I've spent almost a month looking at consignment shops and antique stores, and finally settled on this blue formica one, which fits perfectly with the 50s tablecloth-turned-curtains in our kitchen.

We took our coffee out to the porch, and then we spent the afternoon up the canyon hiking and mushroom hunting (it's still a little too early, I think, but we found a couple kinds).

I think this summer, Sundays are going to be my new hobby day. And this was a good one.

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