Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It's canning season! We got twenty-four pounds of peaches from our food co-op, and last week we made some jam, since we only have a couple pints left over from last year's peach batch. Again, we made plain peach (which we mostly use as a syrup for pancakes) and peach ginger (which has been a big hit with everyone who's tried it- good on toast, good as a chicken glaze, good on ice cream, etc).

Then this year we added to our jam repertoire a peach lavender jam that I think will be lovely (haven't tasted it since it gelled, only while it was cooking). We made the peach like normal, and then added the lavender water that resulted from dried lavender flowers steeping in boiling water for twenty minutes. I'm imagining crackers with cream cheese and peach lavender. Or warm bread with a unhealthy amounts of butter and cold peach lavender jam. If it's half as good as I imagine it to be, it'll be delicious.

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